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We offer the opportunity to discover who you are truly meant to be. In a session we guide you through the process of self discovery while cultivating your innate gifts, skills and talents in order to catapult you into the work you are destined to do. This is the Great Work that your Heart and Soul know so well. Sign up today for a free 15 minute consultation and discover what very well could be the life changing moment that you’ve been waiting for. This is first come first serve so get on our schedule as soon as possible!

We live in a time where we lack true “Heart Education”. We are currently witnessing the deconstruction of the old societal and systemic paradigm. With any death there is also a rebirth. These are the natural cycles and seasons of Nature and of life. Gardeners of the Heart is a cause, movement and community that was born out of the need of greater Heart Consciousness and Wisdom in the birthing of the New Paradigm. Through this movement we seek to uplift, inspire and heal via the medium of online courses and programs and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Within your Heart you may feel the call to go deeper into the sacred space of your own Self/Soul or Spirit. We are here to help facilitate that awakening process and nurture the natural emergence or birthing of your Authentic Self. You have unique gifts, skills and talents that need to be delivered to the world, this is a core aspect of your greatest purpose. You may feel driven by an internal impulse to complete a specific mission but have yet to understand, actualize and integrate that truth and power in your life. This could show up as a lack of motivation, movement or flow and constant confusion. To empower and bring clarity to this process one must look within but sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by the excessive stimuli and mixed messages of modern living that we find it difficult to find the answers.

That is where we come in.

As you join us in the sacred space of a coaching session we allow for the Spirit to flow freely. This is a very powerful moment of blossoming as Love to the Soul is like water to the tree. Are you a fellow Gardener of the Heart? Are you ready to till the fertile grounds of the Divine Heart? Come and join us as we awaken the wellspring within! Book a 60 minute coaching session by clicking the link below.